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Recent Work

  • Orange Monster by AglaiaMortcheva
  • Cute Yellow Monster by AglaiaMortcheva
  •  Red Monster by AglaiaMortcheva
  • Will Drawing (Stranger Things 2) by VanHand
  • Stan by VanHand
  • Goodbye Stan by VanHand
  • Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas by AglaiaMortcheva
  • It's Always Florida by BroadcastMedia
  • Catbus Watercolor by VanHand
  • Empinei Halloween Sticker - Crossbow Potato - Book of Curses (Coraline Inspired) by CROSSBOW POTATO
  • DAMN period by BroadcastMedia
  • El Dia De Los Muertos by VanHand

About This Group

This group covers all aspects of animation!

Sketches, storyboards, model making, characterdesign, stills or possible stills of animations, decors, links to of embedded animations of the artists, different animation techniques…

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