Animation Domination

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Recent Work

  • TREASON aka TRE45ON Trump by BroadcastMedia
  • Ready IronGiant One by VanHand
  • RIPNDIP Camo Cat In Red by dankcats
  • RIPNDIP Camo Cat In Blue by dankcats
  • Frontman Crooner College by kaligraf
  • Parzival by VanHand
  • Eff Trump Russian & English by BroadcastMedia
  • Mobile Suit Gundam by VanHand
  • tri-county landfill by carlson123
  • White Tiger by VanHand
  • Spartan Academy (Black) by VanHand
  • Fenneko  by Ramflight

About This Group

This group covers all aspects of animation!

Sketches, storyboards, model making, characterdesign, stills or possible stills of animations, decors, links to of embedded animations of the artists, different animation techniques…

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