! Animals of North America !

From cougars to cardinals, wild horses to wolves, this group is all about the creatures indigenous to North America.

Recent Work

  • Wise Old Owl by Kathy Baccari
  • Buffalo, NY Watercolor by Marybeth Cunningham
  • Turtle Sunning on a Log by AriasPhotos
  • Aggressive Beauty by AriasPhotos
  • Whitetail Deer in Aspen Woods by csforest
  • Autumn Doe and Fawn by csforest
  • Roadside Buddies by May Finch
  • Pleasantly surprised  by Heather King
  • "The Matriarch" by Amber Marine ~ killer whale / orca watercolor painting, (J2 Granny) art © 2016 by Amber Marine ~ Wildlife Artist ~ © 2004-2019
  • Fuzzy Garden Friend by Jamie Pauline
  • Baby Robin Portrait by May Finch
  • Black Wolf In Snow by WolvesOnly

About This Group

This group is dedicated to wild animals and birds that are native to North America. We accept quality photography and traditional art that showcases these creatures, whether they be found in the wild or in zoos.

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