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African Wildlife

3rd Week's features for October 2012

Qnita Qnita 5541 posts

My honour to do features for this stunning group this week! I really enjoyed it! Here are simply beautiful works in this group! Congratulations to everyone! Our MONTHLY AVATAR VOUCHER CHALLENGE FOR DECEMBER 2012 is now open for entries and voting starts in 24 days.

Giant Kingfisher
by Jo McGowan

Von der Decken's couple
by Paulo van Breugel

Pink Flatid Bug
by Amrita Neelakantan

Night watcher
by ChrisCoombes

Barred Owl 4
by Paul Watkins

Pied Kingfisher
by Jared Bloom

by Magaret Meintjes

by Erik Schlogl

Baby Zebra
by Steve Bullock

Grub's up!
by Dan MacKenzie

On the Run
by Margaret Hyde

What's it worth in Guineas?
by Maree Clarkson

Amrita Neelakantan Amrita Neelaka... 17 posts

wow – such awesome company the pink bug’s got!

Maree Clarkson Maree Clarkson 3659 posts

Beautiful wildlife Qnita! Thank you for including my image and congratulations to all the featured artists, wonderful work!

Paulo van Breugel Paulo van Breugel 5 posts

Awesome work, congrats to all. And thanks Qnita for including my image.

Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 4025 posts

Thanks so much Qniota, a stunning collecting ! Congrats to all our members and thank you for including mine, much appreciated!