Animal Portraits (No Cats or Dogs)

Animal Portraits - Photography & Art

Recent Work

  • Rainbow Bee-eater  by Jenny Dean
  • Memories of Watership Down by Lois  Bryan
  • Ready For My Close-Up by MichelleR
  • Drippy Nose by Alyce Taylor
  • A pensive look by bluetaipan
  • A beautiful lethal machine by John44
  • Ol` Blue Eyes by Ladymoose
  • It's a Lemur! by bluetaipan
  • You Again?! What Are You Looking For... -  Tu Otra Vez?! Que Quieres Verlo by Bernhard Matejka
  • Sideways by bluetaipan
  • Dominant male leopard(please stop raining i can`t see even up here!) by Anthony Goldman
  • Red Fox 3358 by DutchLumix

About This Group

The Animal Portrait group will showcase the very best closeup animal portraiture on Redbubble. The face and expression of the animal is to be the dominant attribute of the artwork. The intention of the photo should be portraiture.

Photography or Art will be accepted, as will any kind of animal.

Only high quality artwork will be accepted.

Technical quality will be considered – those images that are not in focus or have distracting elements in the background will also not be accepted.

Please refrain from posting photos you consider “snapshots” and only upload your very best!

Also, please limit your submissions to 1-2 per day.

Please read the rules for a more indepth view of what we want in your submissions.

See the group rules and join this group here

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