High Quality Wild Animal Images - 1/Week, No Pets, No Hand of Man, No Textures/Composites/Effects/Layers

Exceptional Images Only - The Main Rules are: No Hand of Man, No domesticated animals or pets, No head-only shots, No Textures/Composites/Effects/Layers - please refer to the forum for all posting guidelines.

Recent Work

  • In The Zone by byronbackyard
  • What are you looking at mom? by Anthony Goldman
  • The Whip-Fin II by Norbert Probst
  • A Delta Sunrise Silhouette ! by Anthony Goldman
  • Starbellied Orbweaver  by Michael L Dye
  • Mrs Murgatroyd's (yet another) baby by Denzil
  • Baby Elephant - Masai Mara - kenya by Charuhas  Images
  • Mutual Grooming. Short-tailed Macaques, Borneo  by Carole-Anne
  • In a Tizzy by Carl Olsen
  • Alert by Peter Wiggerman
  • Underwater tiger by redscorpion
  • Pixy Hawkfish, Papua New Guinea by Erik Schlogl

About This Group

This group is devoted to only the best in animal imagery.

WE’LL REJECT ANY IMAGE THAT ISN’T EXCEPTIONAL (or doesn’t meet our guidelines, which can be found in the Forum)

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