***ANIMALS Plus wild BIRD Photography! (NO DOGS or CATS)

The love of animals and a great "eye" with your camera is your passport to our group!

Recent Work

  • Robin ...........Lyme Dorset UK by lynn carter
  • Robin by franceslewis
  • Little Miss Wallaby by wenniewombat
  • Bear by Ladymoose
  • In The Still Of The Light by Laddie Halupa
  • Winter Is For the Birds  by lorilee
  • Cute Shetland Pony by AnnDixon
  • The Stare by Eivor Kuchta
  • Don't Let Appearances Deceive You! I'm No Powder Puff! by Bonnie T.  Barry
  • Small Dunnock on he Rose Hips....Lyme Dorset UK by lynn carter
  • Blush by Heather King
  • Wary Turkey by Maurine Huang

About This Group

This group is dedicated to those who love Animals and Birds!(Excluded – dogs and cats)
CLARITY – DETAIL – FOCUS are required here!

4 legged and furry – Land Mammals Only!
Recently added – wild Birds

Reptiles,Fish,Amphibians, Sea mammals, or Insects

Our Gallery clearly depicts the type of photos we look for – check it out

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