Animal Kingdom

All animals, wild or not, reptiles, if its not human and breaths, you can post it here.

Main Guidelines

Cheri  McEachin Cheri McEachin 61 posts

Thank you all for joining Animal kingdom. We have many new talented members and I hope your experience will be a productive one. So, with that said, I have to tell you that as off tomorrow, I will be moderating and rejecting way more than I have been. There are 18 spots on the front page of the gallery and my goal is to have 18 works to be shown every 4 to six hours. I believe that it is not who you know, it is who has seen it, exposure is the key and at the end of the day, we all love comments and having your work favorite by other artists and to top it all, selling, so please follow some helpful hints on what I am looking for.

1) Only upload your best work! = Look at it this way, if you were to have a gallery of your art, would you want that particular work on show? Or Look at your shot and ask yourself, should I get this work enlarged and pay $50 or more for a frame to put on my wall at home?

2) Is my Art clear and Crisp? = Make sure that your art is clear and crisp. Don’t show your work if it has faults, i.e. red eye. There are many editors out there that can help you with this.

3) 3 Posts a day = It is not a good idea to submit 3 pictures of your cat (example), one shot sitting next shot running and the third one walking. If you have three great shots of your cat, then submit one per day.

4) NO CAGES! = Means no cages, even though they might be in one. I will reject any animal that is in a cage.

5) T-Shirts = I have not rejected and probably won’t reject any T-shirts, unless it is in a cage or not an animal.

6) Writing & Journals = Please keep all writing and journals to animals.

7) Be creative = Take chances, take shots of parts, maybe half of an animal, and see how different you can be.

8) Remember rule of thirds = If you don’t know what rule of thirds is, try to Google it or ask in the forums.

9) Your Art = If you feel like your art may not be suitable for this group, then look and see what other groups it may be. I have provided a list of groups and I will be adding more.

10) First six on the first line= Are considered my favorite out of the 18 posts.

I hope you can follow these guidelines or suggestions, let’s get these animals shown!

Thank you,

P.S I am a photographer not a writer, so excuse grammar and spelling mistakes!

Cheri  McEachin Cheri McEachin 61 posts

New guideline,

Only one submission per day please.

Cheri  McEachin Cheri McEachin 61 posts

Ok, back to 3 submission and 20 total…lol thanks for all the help guys and girls..:)

Lynn Bawden Lynn Bawden 398 posts

Do you accept dog photos?…Lynn

Jennie Anderson Jennie Anderson 1 post

Sorry I am new to redbubble. Can you tell me that if you have posted 20 to the group (over a period of time) you have to not post anymore again and do you have to leave the group?

Cheryl Hall Cheryl Hall 148 posts

No Jennie you do not have to leave the group ever unless by your choice or you have done something wrong. Once you hit your limit you can remove a photo and put another in it’s place so that you can rotate your photos.


Avril Brand Avril Brand 188 posts

Hi Cheryl…

How do you remove a photo and replace it with another?

Lyrebird Lyrebird 1 post

how do i submit an artwork to a group? im new…

mindbaby mindbaby 26 posts

hi cheryl,
i have some photos of bison in a field — but the field has a fence around it. would that be considered a cage? the fence isn’t visible in the photos, but it was running around the perimeter of the field.

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