Animal Homes (No Animals)

A group for photos of animal homes of all kinds such as webs, nests, tree stumps, burrows etc

  • Paper Nautilus - nature at it's most delicate! by Roy  Massicks
  • Temporary rest by Themis
  • Snaggle-Toothed Shell by MarjorieB
  • Bagworm cocoon by ♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey
  • Blue Marble Web by Amy Dee
  • A Simple Beauty... Rock, and Water ~ Dripping Spring, Arkansas by NatureGreeting Cards ©ccwri
  • A Little More to the Right Please by PFrogg
  • Emerald Paradise, Rainbow Springs Florida by NatureGreeting Cards ©ccwri
  • Doorway Home by Cheri Bouvier-Johnson
  • frosty web by leanimal
  • Spider Jewels by Tammy Serdiuk
  • DEWY WEB by leanimal
  • Upper Lansdowne from Flat Rock by Graham Mewburn
  • Days End by PFrogg
  • Apostles Cave by Ern Mainka
  • Snow Cave by Ern Mainka
  • Blow torch by Graham Mewburn