Animal Homes (No Animals)

A group for photos of animal homes of all kinds such as webs, nests, tree stumps, burrows etc

Recent Work

  • The family by umumar
  • Stone Barn by MaeBelle
  • Sea Anemone by umumar
  • Africa by umumar
  • Snow and Nature by Abd El-Rahman Wael
  • Blue bird by umumar
  • Happy fox by umumar
  •  Wildlife  by umumar
  • Paw by umumar
  • Artful  by umumar
  • Friends by umumar
  • Springbok by umumar

About This Group

There are many groups on Redbubble for animals, small and large, wild and domestic, but i have yet to find a group that is dedicated only to the place where the animals make their home.

So this group is just that! No animal photos allowed, only their home.

These can include webs, nests, burrows, holes in trees, ponds, kennels etc.

Photos will be unlimited at this stage until the group gets established.

See the group rules and join this group here