Animal Fantasy & Whimsy

Group Rules:

Photography Composites (at least two photographs, and/or the use of textures), Paintings and other mediums are all welcome, as long as they are of animal/s and are done in a a fantasy and/or whimsical way. No wildlife, cat or dog standard images. No Teddy Bears or Rubber Ducks. Please don’t enter into the group double ups one after the other. The group will now be moderated. Please do not be offended if your work is rejected, there are plenty of groups on Red Bubble for wildlife, dog, cat, teddy bears, rubber ducks etc.

Limit of 3 Submissions per day. Introduced 4th Feb 2014.

At least one animal must play a large part in the imagery.

Humans portrayed in the art are okay as long as at least one other species is as or more prominent in the creation.

NO: major nudity, gore, overly dark themes, or safe filters. No images with dead animals or harm being done to animals/people will be excepted. No overposed, dark images.

Have lots of fun and support our other members, no negative critiques, just kind comments please :-)