Animal Captions Where The Subject in The Image Is Speaking

If a picture is worth a thousand words, What Would The (SUBJECT) OF YOUR IMAGE BE SAYING ! Thanks


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The Challenge

Little Little Little Critter’s…..Looking for the Most Precious Little Critter
Squirrels, raccoon. Chipmunks, Badgers, Puppies, Babies of all sorts and Kinds, no full adult animal unless like the squirrels, chipmunks Badgers they are simply Little all their lives…..
Small animals and/or babies, Please don’t make me have to remove an image, (I hate that)

Judging / Voting Criteria

Voting is only allowed for members of the Animal Caption Group … I know some members get their friends and even friends on face book,,,,,Please do not do this, I believe the members in the group stand the same chances of winning, if everyone plays by the rules!

Rewards & Prizes

Voucher! For First Place!
You all already know I don’t have challenges with out vouchers, so first place or a tie or even three wqy tie all will receive a voucher! And of course there are the banners for all top ten winners

Additional Information

This contest will run for two weeks too let all members have a chance at entering it, voting will also last two weeks

Cover Image: Sorry, I Can't Make Gold from Straw by karina5


The Top Ten

I'm Going to Write my Autobiography by kayzsqrlz

I'm Going to Write my Autobiography by kayzsqrlz was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 15 votes.

  • Just Chillin' by Michael  Moss
  • My Umbrella by Heather King
  • Brotherly Love by DebbieCHayes
  • The Kodak Guy by Laurie Minor
  • Is it safe to come out now by tinypaws
  • Loyal Subjects, I give you.........The Power of the Paw!!! by Dorothy Thomson
  • Chipmunk by LudaNayvelt
  • Oh , Something smells bad :( by Heather Crough
  • Baby Black Necked Stilt by Bryan  Keil

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