Animal Captions Where The Subject in The Image Is Speaking

If a picture is worth a thousand words, What Would The (SUBJECT) OF YOUR IMAGE BE SAYING ! Thanks

Recent Work

  • Yellow Polkadot by cuprum
  • Only You.  by Michael Haslam
  • Buzzard - II by Peter Wiggerman
  • This IS My Best Side by akaurora
  • Martinove mace by Ana Belaj
  • Our Kingdom. by Michael Haslam
  • My Guy by Michael Haslam
  • The strange pair...... do you think the other Ducks are starting to talk....??? by Roy  Massicks
  • WHEE ARE WE GOING MOM - THE AFRICAN ELEPHANT – Loxodonta Africana by Magriet Meintjes
  • My Laddie by Michael Haslam
  • Cow scape by JEZ22
  • Can’t we go back to page one and do it all over again? by Michael Haslam

About This Group

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Remember the subject of the image is speaking
Two images a day allowed

If a picture is worth a thousand words then tell us what your picture is saying
Having fun with the photos by making fun and witty captions that your image might be conveying to the viewer
Example a cat on a beautiful love sofa: (Of course the best seat in the house is reserved for me)
An image of a baby lamb nursing;(Milk, It does a body good)
Every image a member post must in their description box in Parenthesis have a caption

the caption is as important as the image

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July 15.2011

Hosts Choice Of The Day

by Scott Denny

July 16.2011
Host Choice Of The Day

I’m innocent, I was framed!
by Jeannie Peters

July 17. 2011
Host Choice Of The Day

I’m His Best Friend…
by LittleMiss85

July 18.2011
Host Choice of The Day

Please can I have a fish?
by Mark Hughes

July 19.2011
Host Choice Of The Day

Say aahhhhh…..
by Sheila Laurens

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