Anecdotal Phone Pics

Phones Pics with anecdotes - any phone camera will do and no anecdote is a wrong answer.

Recent Work

  • Lights in the bar by Kenobass
  • Dark Flowers  by Kenobass
  • Sunrise in the Nature by Kenobass
  • Blue Thing by Kenobass
  • Golden Enamel by Kenobass
  • brown and black by Kenobass
  • True colors by Kenobass
  • Mushroom Maddness by KazM
  • Self ( You don't all ways like what you see ) by riotphoto
  • I Come In Peace, Take Me To Your Leader by Charldia
  • hot poker on black by KazM
  • Hot Poker Up Close by KazM

About This Group

This group is about being more creative and aware throughout the day. One way of doing that is to take photos with the phone camera and submit an anecdotal short story that goes with the pic. No phone cam is too small (ie. doesn’t have to have huge MP’s) and no story is a wrong answer i.e. you can write about any subject. If you like take a photo and then make up a fictional anecdote.Poems and haikus are also acceptable of course.

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