Feelin' Good! NO B&W, READ RULES GUYS!!! NO B&W 3 Per Day

*Group Active* A group for images which are *BRIGHT AND CHEERFUL,* leaving the viewer feeling inspired and uplifted. ONLY HIGH QUALITY IMAGES ACCEPTED!!!!!

Recent Work

  • NOSE IN THE AIR by Marilyn Grimble
  • Beguiled by Seth  Weaver
  • BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • GLOWING HIBISCUS by bgoddard
  • When I Admire the Wonder of a Sunset My Soul Expands in Worship of the Creator by Barbny
  • Reflection by Margaret Stevens
  • El Banyets - early and low by Ralph Goldsmith
  • On a Clear Day............. by Margaret Stevens
  • Bachelor's button by indiafrank
  • Meet and Greet by cuprum
  • Crashing waves by indiafrank
  • Sweet Geranium by Maree Clarkson

About This Group

This group is for anyone who believes that good art should inspire and uplift others! Any work submitted to the group should be BRIGHT and COLORFUL, and of a HIGH STANDARD!
Confused as to what that means? Well, RB is an ART site, NOT a place for your holiday snaps, family snaps, pet snaps or selfies. We are only interested in well composed and thought-out images. We don’t want all you holiday photos that you took on that trip. We want the one that you thought about, went back to at sunset to take, because you thought about. We don’t want that fuzzy puppy shot chewing on your prop, we want the one that is clear and focused and well composed. OK?

This group is now an open membership group as of 9-14-15
Rudeness or violation of rules will find you removed.

Banners we use!

Any featured works will have the following banner posted on their artwork…

OR this one:

Any finalist challenge winner will receive this banner…

And the top ten challenge winners will receive this banner…

This banner shall be rewarded to our featured artists:

Thank you very much to DutchLumix, Aj and Kayleigh Walmsley for their wonderful banners!

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