1 In The Beginning - Ancient Practices

Come join us as we explore Ancient Spiritual practices.

Recent Work

  • Expressing Divine Energy by Barbara Silva ART
  • Vibrations of the Universe by ianearthcore
  • LAKSHMI - GODESS OF WEALTH by ramanandr
  • Arabesque  by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • Golden Fruit by mimulux
  • Fantasy wizard warrior by Anthropolog
  • Shiva by Katia Honour
  • Lord and Lady by Heidi Norman
  • MOON IS A FIDDLE by John Legry
  • Fairy Protection  by Heidi Norman
  • Oberon by Heidi Norman
  • AUM (Divinity) Mudra by InfinitePathArt

About This Group

Come join us as we explore Ancient Spiritual practices. Share with us your visions of the Ancestors from the paths of olde ~ transitions, rituals, rites of passage, sacred places, death/rebirth, symbols, crossings, medicine, healing, balance, community, acceptance, tolerance…

The postings to this group are moderated. You may submit unlimited works, both images and writings. Religion does not apply to spiritual practice, there are plenty of groups for those submissions. Not all will be accepted, but don’t be discouraged.

Happy Creating!


FEATURED ART/Artist: Mandalas by Marg Thompson

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