A Home For The Humble Anaglyph

Recent Work

  • antisocial by Tuan Bao Do
  • hopeless by Tuan Bao Do
  • rainy boy  by Tuan Bao Do
  • Bacc & Bell by Neil Johnson
  • Melting Smiley Face by Megan Williams
  • Bus to Nowhere by djhypnotixx
  • 3D Moon by Daniel Owens
  • Exploding Clockwork #1 (3D) by Daniel Owens
  • 3D Anaglyph Thomas Edison by djhypnotixx
  • Group Cleanup - Please Reject by George Parapadakis ARPS (monocotylidono)
  • Dark Ship - 3D by Daniel Owens
  • Rock Crevice - 3D by Daniel Owens

About This Group

This group offer’s artists and photographers to display their Anaglyph Artwork’s. It is also a place were like minded people can discuss new ways of promoting the medium and develop new techniques.

Please feel free to copy the image below and paste it on your gallery’s home page :)

We’d like to congratulate monocotylidono who has taken out 1st place in our Challenge 3D Close Ups.

Since we can only have 1 winner, the one who received the last vote before deadline regardless of having an even number of votes wins..

Please take the time to congratulate monocotylidono on a job well done!
The votes were extremely close..

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who participated, there were some fantastic entries. :0)
#2nd Place went to missmoneypenny
3rd Place went to Andreas Altmann

Take a look at monocotylidono gallery :0)

This is the winning entry in our 3D Close Ups.


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