Anything to do with guns and ammo!

Recent Work

  • Weapons Free: Lock N Load by Larry Oates
  • Molon Labe Spartan by Larry Oates
  • Woody's Jeep Crew by Larry Oates
  • Go Green by zingarostudios
  • Rebirth of a Fallen Soldiers Cross by oz10
  • Rifleman's Creed  by saulhudson32
  • 45 Brass #1 by zingarostudios
  • 45 Auto #1 by zingarostudios
  • Hungry,hungry hunter by GWGantt
  • W12ga by Danielle Morin
  • Ruger by Danielle Morin
  • .357 mag by Danielle Morin

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We want to share our passion for guns and ammo! Want to share our pictures and have others share theirs!

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