*AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL* 3 images per day

Group Rules:

Regular Redbubble guidelines.
Red Bubbles guidelines require submission of only your BEST images.
Entries may include photography, paintings, drawings and sketches.
We will have no racism , sex, nudity, violence, not safe for workplace (NSFW). or any other thing that might offend our members. We will not tolerate religious or political bickering and/or posting of any material that may be offensive to others. Host(s) have the final say in what is acceptable and will not engage in any conversations regarding refusal of work.
Images submitted to this group should be of a profound nature and of high quality. Please limit the number of your images you enter into the group to 1-3 of your best images per day!

The Location and State in which the image is taken *MUST be in the description*

As the groups name indicates,,we only want true images of American Beauty
No homes or buildings unless of historic nature.*
No crooked horizons
No old rusty vehicles
No excessive post processing..this will be at the discretion of the hosts.
No I Pnones or IPads
No back or front yards or family snapshots
No family pet snapshots of any kind
No macros of any kind as there are many groups in RB which cater to that.
Only wildflowers that are in the wild are allowed.
No text on the images, as we want to see the image and not be distracted by text
Hosts reserve the right to remove any work without explanation to keep the pages filtered and true to the group ideals.
We will no longer be accepting images which are part of a series, as this tends to clog our pages
Thank you and most of all have fun.