!Amazing Wildlife MAMMALS!

NO BIRDS, Rodents/Squirrels, Bugs, Insects, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Frames, Text or Collages! - Thumbnails must display the focal point fully!

Recent Work

  • The White Wolf by billfox256
  • Escape, interrupted by Neville Jones
  • Stop This Day With Me by billfox256
  • Jumbo Crossing by Owed To Nature
  • Fox on the rocks by Jim Cumming
  • Eyes of the Fox by DebiDalio
  • King of The Serengeti by Brian Tarr
  • Young Panda Relaxing by AnnDixon
  • Kangaroo in w/c. by Kay Cunningham
  • Bear Necessities by soaringanchor
  • Simply Ear-resistible by Paul-M-W
  • Winter Does by Martha Medford

About This Group

We want this group to have the best "AMAZING* Wildlife MAMMALS photos and artworks from around the world. Your photo does not have to be taken in the wild, we will accept zoo animals as well, as long as there are no visible bars, cages or feeders.

All wildlife mammals will be accepted EXCEPT for Rodents and Squirrels, please read the rules for a complete list of acceptable mammals.

Domestic mammals such as cats and dogs are not accepted.

The subject MUST be fully visible in the thumbnail.

Remember the key word is AMAZING, in subject, quality, clarity, composition and contrast!* We accept all mediums, i.e. photographs and traditional art. There are no limits here on the number of submissions per day, however please do not submit similar images or the same image twice even if one is in color and one is in B&W – duplicate and/or similar images will be rejected/removed.

Please do read our rules and tips for more information or B-Mail your host(s). Note to keep the gallery fresh we continually clean up the gallery to keep it to 100 pages.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

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