We are here to provide a variety of fun challenges running at the same time.


  • JRGarland

    Westward Storms by JRGarland

    Engaging storms on a westward blow
    Where mossy skies cloud the day into night
    And rain begets flooding in the lower plains
    Drowning the masses while in their boats…

    It’s the ignorance of man that plagues

    100 words
  • JRGarland

    Eternity's Might by JRGarland

    What engaging wonders
    Dance upon the midnight moon
    Does starlight weep a tearing cry
    Or do they wander in their endless ring
    With page less shadows endearing warmth
    Captured in the brilliance of heavenly…

    93 words
  • JRGarland

    A Raging Madness by JRGarland

    A raging madness plunders our gasping hearts
    Under mountains trembling in the desert sky
    As passions swell within the tempest moon
    Grabbing grapes in abundance upon the sea…

    A riverboat glides at mark tw

    107 words
  • JRGarland

    Geisha by JRGarland

    Engaging wonders to pass the time away
    Dappling the spirits within a river of song
    Geisha women provide a succulent meal
    Dancing to delightful music played by their hand
    Work gives no place to the laught…

    101 words
  • JRGarland

    The Engaging Wonder by JRGarland

    The engaging wonder
    Sitting majestically upon the quiet waters
    Deep in the realm of reality’s breath
    Lies the fulfillment of all that there is

    Please read description

    28 words
  • JRGarland

    Ancient Souls by JRGarland

    Come dear brother, it is time to know
    The reason for our existence
    From ages past this time was set
    To do battle with our timeless foe
    We are ancient souls, eons old
    We’ve drifted through life as brothers…

    126 words
  • Suvi  Mahonen

    Something Must Be Burning by Suvi Mahonen

    Earlier this morning I’d agreed that we didn’t need to leave. Now that a second helicopter has arrived I have changed my mind.

    ‘Brendan, we can’t stay,’ I say. ‘We need to pack the car.’

    2500 words
  • JRGarland

    Victory or Defeat (A collaboration with Trena S) by JRGarland

    Beaten to a pulp, body torn asunder
    Death awaits this beacon of light
    Who has lived his life as a noble son should
    Giving hope its beginning unto the multitude
    Who will grow in numbers unto the world’s e…

    215 words
  • JRGarland

    Weathering the Storm by JRGarland

    Rain taps the widow in a thundering breeze
    As lightning flashes in the darkened night
    Silhouetting trees across the brightened horizon
    Lost within the madness of years gone by…

    Oh cold hearted storm why

    101 words
  • JRGarland

    Beyond Caring Eyes by JRGarland

    Life becomes pleasant
    As the hoary head slumbers
    Beyond caring eyes

    11 words
  • JRGarland

    A Brighter Tomorrow by JRGarland

    Waves roll in the dappled sands of time
    Dreaming soothing moments now set adrift
    Across the shores of eternity’s gleaming breath
    Aging in destiny’s quest for a brighter tomorrow
    Lost is the madness in th…

    61 words
  • autumnwind

    static by autumnwind

    I’m not sure what’s happened
    life changes, rearranges
    …our hearts
    beat rhythmically…

    now a leaky faucet
    that …echoes echoes echoes
    through the shower door

    gray are all the days
    the song birds all off key

    204 words
  • Charldia

    Leave It There by Charldia

    Sniffles and sobs, tears running down her cheeks, the little girl ran to her Daddy.
    “Daddy, Daddy”, she cried, I broke my dolly’s head off. Can you fix it?…

    Her Daddy hugged her, took the doll and star

    351 words
  • Charldia

    The Cauldron of Emotions by Charldia

    A cauldron of emotions bubbling and brewing inside
    Some make us proud, some we want to hide.
    Some emotions run parallel, never to intersect
    Some separated by a very thin line, others by chasms wide.

    261 words
  • autumnwind

    the weight of nothing by autumnwind

    the looming vastness
    of distance (strong and aching)
    between the me
    I am struggling to remember
    and the you (omniscient in theory)
    …your own…

    collide with slivers of wood
    paint thinner, and a barrage of g

    110 words
  • autumnwind

    the difficulty of now by autumnwind

    for the little girl
    counting the stars
    on her journey back home
    spreading herself thin
    while maintaining resplendence…

    embracing power of spirit
    loving beyond the emotion itself
    living, giving forever, for

    145 words
  • Charldia

    A World of Betrayal by Charldia

    Betrayal is a venomous serpent
    Coiled around a breaking heart
    Poised waiting to strike for the main attack
    To destroy a soul with that final lethal bite…

    You gave your heart, you gave your all
    To the lov

    606 words
  • autumnwind

    forevermore by autumnwind

    i also carry your heart with me;
    for now that chance ensued
    i am bathed in sunlight (since the fate
    of you) as warm as breeze and breath
    exist, i shall inhale (while life sings
    it’s gift of you) the …

    135 words