Amazing Canadian Pets- (Must include location)

All critters that are tame. *Please...include the location*

Recent Work

  • cheap Pet Dog clothes by shoutasscience
  • Crested Gecko by JennaKnight
  • Crested Gecko by JennaKnight
  • Western Hognose Snake by JennaKnight
  • Blackie "I Don't See You" by MaeBelle
  • Gorgeous Four Week Old Golden Retriever Puppies. by vette
  • Friends  by MaeBelle
  • Kats Pup by MaeBelle
  • Balancing Act by vette
  • More fun in the snow by Allen Lucas
  • Digging a Hole to your Heart. by vette
  • Blue Eyed Beauty. by vette

About This Group

Whether it’s a cat, dog, budgie, cow, horse, llama, sheep, goat or hamster. If it’s a pet or even a barnyard friend, you can find it here!!
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Amazing Canadian Wildlife

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