Amazing Canadian Pets- (Must include location)

All critters that are tame. *Please...include the location*

Recent Work

  • Baby Bunny Rabbit by vette
  • Sacha my beautiful Great Pyrenean Mountain dog. by vette
  • Fathead by LeftHandPrints
  • Paying Attention by LeftHandPrints
  • Clout doggie by The TinyHut
  • Cat To. by The TinyHut
  • My Little Escape Artist by MaeBelle
  • Yoda's Hairy Brother... by vette
  • Pocket Cat by bounab2018
  • Pocket cat by bounab2018
  • life's better with a cat by bounab2018
  • Cat Father with bow tie and glasses by bounab2018

About This Group

Whether it’s a cat, dog, budgie, cow, horse, llama, sheep, goat or hamster. If it’s a pet or even a barnyard friend, you can find it here!!
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Amazing Canadian Wildlife

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