Amateur Photographers' Association (3 per day)

A Proud Amateur: more advanced than a beginner, and not a professional? Come on in!

Recent Work

  • Chaffinch by trish725
  • Blue feathery by Peter Krause
  • Fishing Charters Forster 462 by kevin Chippindall
  • Close encounter of the snowy owl kind (video of this owl in description) by Heather King
  • Out of the Darkness by DafyddEm
  • Abstract 10243 by Shulie1
  • The Many Colors of Fall Vine Maple by Charles & Patricia   Harkins ~ Picture Oregon
  • Haying Season by Lesliebc
  • Barn Owl by DonnaM
  • Maestro by David Lamb
  • California Coast Grass by Heather Friedman
  • Surf's Up by Kathy Weaver

About This Group

WELCOME to the Amateur Photographers’ Association!
Challenge Winners & Group Avatars

Maple Lane
by T.J. Martin

Bamberg Old Town Hall or Altes Rathaus
by paolo1955

Lake Te Anau at sunset. South Island, New Zealand. (7)
by Ralph de Zilva

The Awakening
by Randy Richards

Cannobio – Lake Maggiore – Italy
by paolo1955


Gangrene Ford by sundawg7

This is the place to be if you are A Proud Amateur — (one whose primary source of income is not from photography) — often, self-taught, and always passionate about the art of photography.

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