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Featured Artist - Yuliyaart - 15.03.2010

Manolya  Fumero Manolya Fumero 758 posts

We are so proud to present Yuliya Art as our featured artist this week.
Yuliya has amazing imagination and shares it with us by her beautiful works.. Yuliya’s creativity cannot be negated and it’s mix with her art education, creates this perfect beauty.. I have picked Yuliya as featured artist this week because I love the uncommon way of her art. Please take some time to check her gallery to see her lovely and very special style..

And here you can find what Yuliya wanted to share with us:

I draw my Own Reality!

My name is Yuliya. I was born and raised in capital of Ukraine, Kiev and now I live and work in Canada. I was drawing since I remember myself and question which profession to choose was never really a question, everybody knew – I will become an Artist. I cannot stop drawing, it is like hunger! Whether my mood is on or off, at different energy levels: I always draw.

I have a strong art education: I started studying art in school for gifted children, then followed Kiev’s National Art College and then Kiev’s National Institute of Applied Art’s and Design (Ukraine), all of them I graduated with honor.

Name of My Gallery is GOLDEN SECTION. It has very special meaning and impact on my life. In everything I do in life I believe it is very important to stay in the Golden Section: whether you are creating your new artwork or just resting and spending time with your family or simply enjoying a dessert (I am such a sweet tooth!:)). I believe if you will be able to balance in Golden Section, you can enjoy anything in life!

I have two branches of my art called Linear Magic and Digital Art. And recently I started enjoying and trying to implement my ideas in one more technique: Photography.

Linear Magic is an art created with acrylic paints, ink, golden and other precious metals leafing, swarovski crystals inlay, paper. Uniqueness of this drawing style as that I am not using pencil or a sketch at all: I take paper and ink pen and start from a dot, then line and art starts developing on its own: I feel it is something more then just my imagination, as the result of my drawing often surprises even me, the Author! Digital Art is a part of my art where I use computer to create it. I love to combine different pieces of existence in a new way, I take eyes, skin, limbs, plants and animals, my imagination, shake it and cast on my digital canvas, it is always so exciting to create new dimensions and worlds!

For me all my life was and is learning field, every day I work as much as I can on my art. I believe that success consist from 1% talent and 99% hard work, well actually the secret is to enjoy hard work you have chosen to pursue and you will succeed! I enjoy the process of creation like nothing else!

I enjoy in my art everything! I enjoy this magic: just before I start, paper is empty and some time later I see my art is becoming real, with each brush stroke! It is very special feeling…

One of my favorite latest artworks is Clear Water, from Linear Magic. This is one of my works were I grew onto bigger format, I feel very confident with this size now. I love the color palette which was born, I mixed colors in a very new way for me: I created a glaze from 3 opposed to each other colors, which gave a remarkable look (unfortunately Internet doesn’t not allow to convey the real feeling!) , they added inner radiance and luxurious feeling to the artwork. Also I experimented with swarovski crystals inlay: this extraordinary shine they gave to the artwork is beyond comparison! I love how the whole idea had developed: beyond the surface there is always more then we see! And it is so astonishing to discover what it is!

My main inspiration, example and support in life is the most Precious Person to me, my Husband, genius sculptor and amazing charismatic personality!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my art and ideas with all talented artists here on RedBubble! I wish all of you to develop your sparkle to the highest level possible and be very very happy and thoroughly satisfied! Don’t worry, trust your art, be honest to it and it will take care of you.
Good Luck and Best Wishes!

Truly yours,

Here you can see her page’s on other websites

I have picked 6 dreamy works from Yuliya’s gallery..

Please join us congratulating Yuliya as our selected Featured Artist


David Rozansky David Rozansky 327 posts

Your work is spectacular!

I cannot offer enough praise.

Congratulations on being named Altered by Design’s Featured Artist! It is much deserved!


anaisanais anaisanais 459 posts

congratulations..you are a very fabulous artist….very well deserved selected..compliments!!

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4059 posts

I agree with Manolya, David & Anais. . . wonderfully creative works – your imagination is incredible… well deserved honor… Congratulations. . .

I love her abstract surrealist art but I also love her semi-traditional art as well Here are a couple of my favorites. .

After all by Yuliya Art

Sunset on the Lake by Yuliya Art

well done!

RamsayGee RamsayGee 22 posts

Congratulations to a very talented artist! :)


Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7340 posts

Oh Yuliya I just love your work. It is so original, fun and beautifully created.

These are just some of my favourites…

Forbidden fruit is sweetest
by Yuliya Art

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7340 posts

The Moon God
by Yuliya Art

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7340 posts

Heart Thief
by Yuliya Art

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7340 posts

Each one is so full of symbolism, and are so clean and sharp. Simply fabulous.

Yuliya Art Yuliya Art 6 posts

Dear Manolya, David, Anais, Rhonda, Ramsay and Anna! Guys, I am so glad! Thank you so much for appreciating my art and your wonderful comments, I am so happy to know!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37004 posts

I absolutely love Yuliya’s Art and had only recently discovered it in the last few weeks, myself. Extremely creative and sometimes twisted, it challenges the viewer’s imagination and senses.

You are an extraordinary artist, Yuliya, and I’m happy to have you in our first Juried Invitational Exhibit over in Solo.

Congratulations on being the Featured Artist in this wonderful, supportive group. I enjoyed your interview. I visited your web site off RB not too long ago and delighted in exploring your various series. May you experience all the best here, on RedBubble, and in your art career.

cathairstudios cathairstudios 55 posts

WOW!! Thanks for introducing us to this wonderfully talented artist! Fantastic work Yuliya!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7340 posts

Thank you – isn’t she terrific.

atomikboy atomikboy 19 posts


Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5084 posts

Gorgeous and unique work, congrats on your feature! (Just now discovered your art!)

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