A Kaleidoscope Kraze (One Upload Per Day)

Group Rules:

A Kaleidoscope Kraze … Requirements/Rules/Guidelines … as of 14 AUG 2016


1. Must Be A Traditional Kaleidoscope Image:

they must be the only object in the image:
…layering is accepted as long as the resulting image is a kaleido as defined in these rules
…no text in image
…single color backgrounds for circle/mandala kaleidoscopes are acceptable

they must have three or more limbs/arms
…if you draw a line from the tip of the limb to the center of the kaleidoscope
… …then the left side of the limb must be a mirror image of the right side of the limb
…see Yellow Star as a simple example.

… …if your image has an even number of limbs/arms
… … …then take a look in the four corners of your kaleido image
… … …if the design elements are not the same in all all four corners then the image is unbalanced
… … …they need to be the same …this can be effected by centering one of the limbs/arms to one of the image’s sides

… …if your image has an odd number of limbs/arms
… … …then one of the kaleido arms must be centered either at the top or the bottom edge of the image

mirror images (two-limbed) or tessellations or those made into repeating patterns will be rejected

pinwheels will also be rejected

2. Must Be A Perfect Square:

think of the image as a canvas that you paint your kaleidoscope on
…each side of the canvas must have the same measurement
…for example 4000px by 4000px … not 8.07px by 8.0px or 1280px by 1800px

3. Must Be Available For Sale As A Print:

4. No More Than One (1) Kaleido May Be Uploaded Within A 24 Hour Time Period

show us the best of your best! (big smile)


1. Themed Sets Definition

a group of three or more kaleidos that have something in common:
…color, style or same original image

examples – all the kaleidos
…are blue
…and/or have arms/limbs that radiate out from the center of the image
…and/or image “X” is use to create kaleido “Xa” and “Xb” and “Xc” etc.

2. Every Themed Set Journal Must Include:

…the original image if possible
…three or more kaleidos that meet the group’s image and themed set requirements
…in the journal entry not the description
… …info about original image
… …name of program(s) used
… …if a video then provide a link to youtube page where original is posted
… …links (image or text) to individual kaleido gallery pages
… …any other info you wish to share (smile)

3. Kaleido Themed Set Journal – Method of Presentation

the themed set may be presented in one of two ways:
…as a video/movie/slideshow
…as individual images

4. No More Than One (1) Themed Set Journal Entries May Be Uploaded Within A 24 Hour Time Period


1. This is in the “Writing” category not “Journal” (see journal info Section II above)

2. The Story or Poetry must be inspired by a kaleido(s) that you include as images in your story.

one or more kaleidos and an originating image can be included with your story/poetry
the image(s) must illustrate or be a part of the story/poetry.
-they can not just be a pretty picture to decorate the page

3. At least one of the kaleidos in your writing need to have been accepted into the group before your writing can be accepted.

since their are thousands of kaleidos in the group’s gallery you are on your honor with this one.
…however anyone caught cheating will have their work removed from group immediately
…when in doubt resubmit the kaleido for approval into the group

4. All kaleidos in your writing must meet the group’s requirements.

that is they must be able to be accepted into the group even if only one has to be officially accepted into the group.

5. All writing and/or poetry must by readable by any age.

violence, explicit sexuality, racism, etc. will not be allowed anywhere in AKK

6. Share with us the best of your best! (big smile)


1. Any uploaded image/journal/writing not following the rules will be rejected/removed

the hosts are under no obligation to bmail you as to why your upload or forum post was rejected
if you have any questions about why then bmail a host and they’ll do their best to help

2. Repeated out of bounds activity (not following the group’s rules) will result in termination from the group

it is the responsibility of the group member to stay on top of the what is required by the group. ..
if the member wants or needs help in understanding then it is the member who is responsible to contact a host for help. …

AKK is not a dumping ground …

hosts have a life too and it is irresponsible of a member to not follow the rules .. ignorance is no excuse …

it is also the responsibility of the member to read the group messages
… important information about the group will always be put in a group message …

contact host if you are confused or need help …

3. Featured Kaleidos will be chosen at the discretion of the host

4. Featured works will remain in the group’s archives to RB’s archive size limit

5. Unfeatured works will be removed from the group’s archives when they reach page three (3) of the archives)

6. Violence, explicit sexuality, racism, etc. will *not be allowed anywhere in AKK*

7. Host decisions are final

if you have any questions, concerns, complaints or whatever just bmail a host and we’ll help if we can.
…remember hosts in this group communicate with each other and make decisions communally …

8. Show us your best and Have Fun Creating (big smile)