Duos and trios

Images and art work pertaining to pairs and trios

Recent Work

  • Cosy Slippers by lezvee
  • A mild chastisement by missmoneypenny
  • In Motion by Larry Costales
  • From one extreme to another by Nerone
  • Hanging on - Crabapples in Winter by WesternExposure
  • Three Swans by TJ Baccari Photography
  • Beautiful Crystal Ear-rings by lezvee
  • Fairy Penguins by Elaine Teague
  • Tree = Bird by Nerone
  • Fledgling Gulls by lezvee
  • Puddle water, so refreshing by Nerone
  • Alice's Lament by RobynLee

About This Group

Welcome to our group page. If you have pictures of items that are pairs or trios, then this is the group for you.
paintings, watercolors, hdr, pencil, photo manipulations, fractals are accepted

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