All Things Natural in the British Isles.(NO pets, farm animal portraits nor non-native plants)

Nature shots taken in the Britain Isles ( England Wales Scotland, Ireland and associated islands)

Recent Work

  • Rain's back by WesternExposure
  • Beautiful Bumble Bee by widdy170
  • Ugborough Beacon - Across The Acres by lezvee
  • Wings of wonder by missmoneypenny
  • Mushroom World by WesternExposure
  • Greenfinch fledglings by missmoneypenny
  • Teasel Seed Heads by ten2eight
  • That's a nice nut you have there by missmoneypenny
  • Red Red Wine by Viv Thompson
  • Where are you going dad? by missmoneypenny
  • " Waiting For The Seventh Wave " by Richard Couchman
  • September Sunset by Viv Thompson

About This Group

This Group is for Photos taken in The British Isles of “Natural Subjects”. Anything goes providing its Natural, ie Rocks, Hills, Mountains Caves, Native Insects, Animals, Birds and Fish.

NOW WELCOMING FLOWER PHOTOS!!!! (wild native flowers only!!!)

I’ve given up trying to stop flower photos!

Try and keep your subjects native to the British Isles, (naturalised eg grey squirrel, is ok) but no exotic captive species, no close ups of farm animal stock, there are plenty of other groups for these!

People and Buildings are permitted within the shot providing they are not the main focus of the Art.

Featured artists gain this coverted award:

you may also enjoy entering your British Mammals in the mammals group.

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spring challenge winner

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