All Things Brighton Beautiful

This group is available to all those RedBubble artists who are influenced or inspired by the unique and vibrant City that is Brighton & Hove, England.

Recent Work

  • Seagull Attack by James Taylor
  • For Hire, Brighton by KUJO-Photo
  • Worthing Beach Sunrise 5 - Boxing Day 2012 - HDR by Colin  Williams Photography
  • West Pier Requiem by Chris Lord
  • Fisheye on the Pier by Steve Churchill
  • The Champagne Anarchists anti fashion show #BrightonFringe  by Heather Buckley
  • Fringe City Brighton Fringe Festival by Heather Buckley
  • Blue Is The Colour  by Colin  Williams Photography
  • West Pier Silhoutte by KUJO-Photo
  • Blue Ripples - Goring By Sea  by Colin  Williams Photography
  • Heroes 1 by Gerard Charnley
  • A New Dawn by Gerard Charnley

About This Group

Hemmed in by the South Downs, Brighton & Hove is a diverse and vibrant coastal city. It’s an incredibly laid back and fun place to reside in, live nearby or visit. It’s full of life all year round and has been a constant source of inspiration for residents, visitors and a whole raft of artists throughout its existence. It’s widely reported that Brighton succeeds as a modern city because it was built on the principle of pleasure rather than industry.

Whilst cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham thrive on their industrial heritage, Brighton relied upon the healing properties of the sea during Queen Victoria’s reign and has continued to thrive as a premier pleasure destination.

As per every city, Brighton doesn’t satisfy all and has its fair share of detractors. This group aims to celebrate the good, bad and fabulous that Brighton has to offer.

If you are inspired by Brighton & Hove and happy to share your images, thoughts and artwork then submit them here.

We host monthly avatar challenges as well as specific challenges focusing on all aspects of Brighton life including architecture, people, beach life, Pride, parks and gardens etc

We will promote featured members who contribute regularly to the group and set a consistently high standard. Comments on the group and future challenges will also be welcomed through the forum.

See the group rules and join this group here