Naturally BLACK OR WHITE, DUO and CONTRAST *NO B&W/sepia photography please*

For all * things* that are WHITE or BLACK and/or contrasting black and white,duo tones,natural monotone **NO B&W/SEPIA photography**

Recent Work

  • Silk Swirls by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Play by Michael Haslam
  • Tiny Baby Spider Whiskers by Ladymoose
  • White stars by Ana Belaj
  • Orca and Mt Baker   by RichImage
  • Pirate chicken? Chicken pirate? by Denzil
  • Ballerina by Ana Belaj
  • How long is forever? by Astrid Ewing Photography
  • Jess and Indy by Michael Haslam
  • Lily Of The Valley - Macro  by Sandra Foster
  • Swan Sea by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Softness by Aileen David

About This Group

WE ARE NOT A BLACK & WHITE/SEPIA PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP – we aim to showcase all manner of still life,wildlife,nature,domestic animals, think ALL black think ALL white, think DUO tone, think Black ON white, white ON black, Silhouttes, black on a background that may not be pure white and vice versa.* Please state if the image is “as is” if no post production has taken place! Not Brown/Blue/Green and white just pure and simple white, black or black and white (not monotone photography)

  • Every Month we will ask one of our Featured Members or Group Member (who is willing) to choose an image they would like to see on our group Overview Page as an Image of the Month
  • as you are FEATURED as our IMAGE OF THE MONTH then please start looking in the Gallery for your choice – Please send me (via Bmail) Pam the links to the image, the name of the artist, and of course the reason as to why you have chosen it! Please also make sure the artwork is marked for sale otherwise it cannot be featured!

For all Challenge Winners please see our FORUM

Examples of what we would aim to see in the group
THINK CONTRAST black/white
Zebra it has black and white stripes
Anything with black and white stripes
White on a black background – ie. white feathers on black
white butterfly on black background
something black on white background
anything that is a contrast of the 2 MAIN colours black and white
Something Black
Something White
High Key if suits will be accepted
Anything that is black and white but NOT shot in or converted to black and white/monotone

No Writing/Cards please

See the group rules and join this group here