All That's Archaeology - only 2 works per 24 hours per artist please!

Share your photos, art, and writings inspired by archaeology ancient and modern

Recent Work

  • The Castle at Craignethan by Tom Gomez
  • Twilight by phil decocco
  • Urquhart Castle 3  by kalaryder
  • The Same Color Underneath  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Israel - Megiddo - The Well by Shulie1
  • Israel - Megiddo - The Altar by Shulie1
  • Israel - Tombs in the Armenian Orthodox Church by Shulie1
  • Rust Raiders And Reel To Reels  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Magestic View to the Gods by Claire Walsh
  • Columns of the Temple of Artemis by Yair Karelic
  • Ruined Side Chapel (St. Clements, Rodel) by lezvee
  • The Ruined Arch by lezvee

About This Group

The group is for lovers of photography and art and, of course, archaeology of all periods and all locations around the world.

Our definition of archaeology is very broad so, essentially, if a monument or artifact exists but is no longer in use (in terms of it’s originally intended purpose and applied meaning) it’s already archaeology. Items to add could include anything from modern rubbish and material culture slowly being buried by the passing of time, artifacts, or your favourite photo or painting of Stonehenge. For example, even remnants of Soviet Russia could now be considered archaeology. You might want to upload working shots of archaeology sites, the digging team, your favourite excavated feature, monument, a shovel, a bucket … or anything that’s archaeology or related to it or the practice of it in some respect. You can upload photos both recent and old! We’re archaeologists, so we like old, right?

The group is here for members to express and share their love or appreciation of archaeology in any way they see fit and feel good with: photography, art, poetry, writing, stories.

The group is open to anyone from a person with a basic curiosity or interest in any aspect of archaeology to the professional archaeologist. It’s for people who love landscape and the archaeology therein, ancient pottery and other artifacts, exacavations, rubbish, skeletons, rock art, cave art, the environment, Anthropology and Ethnography (people continuing old practices in the modern age, and also in non-industrial societies), modern archaeology, historical archaeology and prehistory, archaeologically inspired art of any form – even pics of crop circles near ancient monuments.

We’ll feature work regularly (about every two weeks), and will try to come up with some good challenges to keep members occupied and on their toes! Though, essentially, we want to keep the running of the group simple and fun for everyone.

Interact, make new friends, share, be inspired, help each other and, above all else, have fun!!

(NB. Group hosts reserve the right to submit one another’s works as features and to enter challenges … we want to have some fun too :o) … and you don’t have to vote for us anyway lol :o) )

Ann Dixon – Whitby Abbey North Yorkshire UK
Sheila Laurens – Moreton-Corbet Castle 2
hootonles – Engine house in silhouette
Dean Cunningham – Palmyra Window!
Justine Wright – Palmyra, Syria
John Spies – Prehistoric log coffin in Skull Cave, Thailand
Nigel Bangert – Out Of Gas
Tony Taffinder – Celtic Lore!
Ray Clarke – Step into the Past
Sheila Laurens – Atcham Bridge
Helene David-Cuny – Rê… Ray
Peter Hammer – Moonrise over the Great Wall
vadim19 – Ruins of the palace of the Emporor Diocletian
Charmiene Maxwell-batten – Spinster’s Rock
Cindy Cooperider – Bear tracks in the brush
Heather Applegate – Another Day At the Office
MaryKay – Prisoners Of The Dusk
Lucinda Walter – View Of The Temple Of Olympian Zeus From The Acropolis
Polly X – Ballybunion Castle

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