Sculpture Photography (only photos of man-made art please)

We welcome photos of sculptures of any type (please read group description)

Recent Work

  • Vows are Spoken by Karen Nadine Smits
  • GOLDEN MONITOR by kazaroodie
  • BALI GODDESS by kazaroodie
  • BALI SCULPTURE by kazaroodie
  • Put Your Loving Arms Around Me  by Ben Loveday
  • Holy Bible In Stone by Cynthia48
  • Where it all begins by Karen Nadine Smits
  • The Return Visit............Or Is This "Perry Como meets Lincoln" ?  by Bine
  • Flying by Shulie1
  • Cathedral of Monreale, Palermo, Italy by Sunil Bhardwaj
  • Stonewall Jackson by Thaddeus Zajdowicz
  • Endless energy by Karen Nadine Smits

About This Group

Welcome to our group!

This group is about representational photography of 3 dimensional sculptures, that exist in the real world.

Sculpture is man-made three-dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining materials, such as plastic, wire, sound, text, light, stone, metal, glass, wood, or even water and ice. Some sculptures are created directly by moulding or carving; others are assembled, built together and fired, welded, or cast.

Some common forms of sculpture are:
- Free-standing sculpture – sculpture that is surrounded on all sides, except the base, by space. It is also known as sculpture “in the round”, and is meant to be viewed from any angle.

- Light sculpture

- Jewellery

- Relief – the sculpture is still attached to a background; types are bas-relief, alto-relievo, and sunken-relief.

- Site-specific art

- Kinetic sculpture – involves aspects of physical motion

- Fountain – the sculpture is designed with moving water

- Mobile Statue

- Representational sculpture depicting a specific person, event, animal or object

- Bust – representation of a person from the chest up

- Stacked art – a form of sculpture formed by assembling objects and ‘stacking’ them

- Architectural

All of that and other types are welcome. If not certain, send a bubblemail to a moderator with a link to the photo.

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Public art, Statues and such, Garden Sculptures,designs&ornaments, Street art, Architecture and cityscapes.

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