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Where do you begin??

Jane Keats Jane Keats 611 posts

When you write, do you wait for the urge and then go find a piece of paper or the computer? Do you sit and think, then begin? Does it always flow from somewhere. What do you do when you get blocked?

Arcadia Tempest Arcadia Tempest 1252 posts

Urge…..sometimes urgent …..unrelenting due to an image, feeling, memory, idea rattling around for days…..then a writing journey begins. Rest….recovery…review….edit and add, edit, laugh……talk to myself…..make a drink…..write…..( where are some munchies)…..must sleep…..but just a few more lines. IN bed …..Oh that word yes….just must jot that down incase I forget. Sleep…..wake up….there is my word….Hmmm will ponder now.
What for the next urge. :))……….and it goes again……Finish- Wah-lah done! Better than chocolate!

Jane Keats Jane Keats 611 posts

Haha, there’s not much structure to creativity is there ;o)

Jane Keats Jane Keats 611 posts

To get the ball rolling again, I like pen and paper myself, it helps me think when I can scribble things out!

math-ilda math-ilda 35 posts

I just sit, and write.
A calm mind is all i need, and then inspiration strikes me down, and I pour everything into it.
I hardly ever read what I have written untill well after, to start anew with a fresh mind..
thats all
Although sometimes i ponder on a subject for days before writing anything, although is never really planned thoughts, I just empty it all, and hope it works. (My english teacher says that it will be my downfall, I am the worst planner in the world)

3XEternity 3XEternity 147 posts

I usualy just start writing though I have inspirational times. Alot of times one line will turn into a poem but as a song writer lines are always in my head so it always flows. :) Thanks so much for featuring my “Child Traped In Sin” btw.

bloorain bloorain 314 posts

it depends for me. Sometimes it may take me days to think about a subject a write it. But sometimes its spontaneous, and other times I force myself. But, I get inspired by the littlest of thing, so I don’t really get the writer block for too long. It also depends on whether I am writing something for myself or with others in mind. great topic, I hope to see others opinions on this

timbuckley timbuckley 49 posts

writing a bit like painting throw up a few splashes add a few more but normally for the good ones and idea germinates from a phrase a picture a thought some times i leave it grow on the window sill of the mind then come back scribble it down then i prune it to make it flower a little better, write write and keep writing dont be afraid to make bad ones, sometimes the best flowers grow out of what you think is a load of shite( Irish for shit)

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