All Art Appreciated

A group for All mediums of Art!! For all stages of your journey to find your Artistic talents.

Recent Work

  • Borderman by CrismanArt
  • Liberty Park Autumn, Salt Lake City by Len Bomba
  • The Corset by Richard  Gerhard
  • Vincent Gampolini & His Monociclo Volante by Richard  Gerhard
  • blue rock by glennbrady
  • Arabesque  by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • A Frosty Seasons Greeting by strangethingsA
  • hearts pattern by Alaa Al Zoubi
  • Believe In Yourself by AngieDavies
  • Sky of Dreams by mtforlife66
  • Sudden Departure  (one legged chickadee) by Laurie Minor
  • Kaleidescopic Colors by Nadya Johnson

About This Group

A group were All Art is Appreciated and will be seen! From Photography, Digital Art, Drawings, Paintings and Writings. As is stated “All Art Appreciated”!!! From Beginners to the Advanced. Welcome to the Group and enjoy All Art is Appreciated. Will be challenges, and new friends and Art to explore! And above all this is a group for beginners to the advanced please help the other members with comments and help if they need :)!!!

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