Group Rules:

Your best work only

Please submit art images and not specific product images. It is OK if you offer products, but we want Art for Art’s sake, not designs for printed merchandise.

cap of 10 then click on *edit tab and clear older work out

Edgy, challenging, unique – great!
Exploitative, violent, pornographic – No way!

The hosts reserve the right to remove any works that do not fit the criteria of this group.

Likely to be ACCEPTED:
- Gallery or museum quality work – painting, photography, drawing, cartoons, digital, sculpture
- Work that shows a unique vision, and a high level of capability in using the medium
- Work that clearly showcases the artist’s unique style
- Photos of other people’s public art are OK IF (and only if) the context and surroundings are very important to the photo, and transform the look and effect of the public art. For example, if your photo captures a geometric architectural pattern that includes several buildings a sculpture and a coincidental arrangement of people on the street – that’s a magic capture. If there’s a big artwork not-by-you that is the subject and makes the photo – wrong group.

MAYBE: If the host is undecided, next step is a look through your portfolio.
If you feel your work was unfairly rejected because the host is unfamiliar with your genre or style, write a message and explain please. We don’t claim to be omniscient.

Likely to be REJECTED:
– Work that looks like it was designed specifically for a T-shirt, card or other merchandise.
- Over-processed photos
- Photos that look like postcard images, advertising art, or look designed specifically for greeting cards
- Copyright infringement
- straightforward images of famous people (if the famous person is iconic and used to symbolize or allude to something it’s OK. If it’s just you doing a portrait, it goes in a different group)
- Straightforward images of other people’s art – photos of museum installations, other artists’ sculpture or painting, public art
- Interesting ideas that are not well executed.
- Well-executed ideas that just are not interesting. A zillion other artists are working in the same style and subject using the same media.
- Kitschy and/or Schmaltzy, unless those qualities are the hallmark of some ironic style (explain this to the mods please)
- Porn, soft Porn, Anything overly focused on naughty bits, violence, etc. – rejected at the hosts discretion.
- The image is beautiful because you found a really beautiful naked woman or man to image. The model shouldn’t do all the work. However CREATIVE and SAFE FOR WORK nudes will be considered