North American Natural Landscapes - COLOR PHOTOS ONLY

Group Rules:

Images must have location City/Town/Area and State/Province *
*Images must be high quality (no uneven horizons, out of focus, pixilated or grainy images and, so on)

Images must be of a place in North America (USA and Canada Only)
No City Parks, Botanical Gardens, or Man-Made Gardens
People, animals and structures are acceptable, in images as long as they are not the main focus and are very small.
Roadways, Paths, Walkways and Trails are acceptable as long as the image is mostly natural (at least 75% of the frame) landscape.
No freeway, highways, byways, train tracks or turnpikes.
Large fields of flowers are acceptable.
No very dark night pictures
No close-ups of rivers, creeks, or ponds
No closeups of caves, or boulders unless they are a small portion of the landscape
No up tree or tree root shots, leaves, tree branches and/or foliage..*
No over-processed or dull images.
No text on and/or large boarders on images.
No staged or posed scenes.
No city skylines or cityscapes
Limit of 2 image per day.