All About Water! (Closed For Submissions Until October 12, 2014)

Love the look of water, from the roar of the waves to the stillness of a raindrop, than this the the group for you!

Recent Work

  • #25 by Penny P
  • #24 by Penny P
  • Trebah Gardens, Cornwall by Ludwig Wagner
  • Viale Giardini Pubblici by Rémi Bridot
  • The Alley from Elephant Rock by FangFeatures
  • just a drop by Nicole W.
  • Mountain Waterfall by Tori Snow
  • Light on the Breaking Waves by ienemien
  • Colorful Reflections Flowing in Mill Creek by Robert Kelch, M.D.
  • Tranquil Water by Mary Ann Reilly
  • waterwoman by Inese
  • Rainbow's end by Karen01

About This Group

This group is All About WATER. If the main subject is water then we would love to see it. It can be a drop of water, a child playing in water, a river, a beach, a lake etc. If you don’t have any, then go out and be creative. Remember though the main subject has to be the water. Photos of animals in water etc may be declinded if we feel the subject is not the water, no ducks in water please. As a rough rule water should occupy at least 80% of the image but 90%would be better.

Features may sometimes go beyond the 1st page, so click on Featured Works to view all.

If you have any questions feel free to bmail us anytime.

Please remember that only your best work be submitted. Moderators reserve the right to politely decline any work that we deem is not commensurate to the definition of best work :)

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