All About People

Photos must be of people.

Recent Work

  • Aquatic Adventures by Alex Preiss
  • Inside Government House by indiafrank
  • Perpetual Vacation by Alex Preiss
  • Montreal portrait 1983 by indiafrank
  • Theater Crowd by Chet  King
  • Montanita Kids 1119 by Al Bourassa
  • Cuenca Kids 1118 by Al Bourassa
  • In situ  by su2anne
  • Cuenca Kids 1117 by Al Bourassa
  • Tuscan Sunset by Viv Thompson
  • Congressman Ed Case(D) by Alex Preiss
  • Babydoll by Jennifer Rhoades

About This Group

This group is for people who like to photograph other people. Every person has a story and we want to see it captured in your photography.

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