Alien Worlds and Landscapes

Group Rules:

Definition of Alien Worlds and Landscapes

The most basic description for an Alien World or Landscape would be “not of this Earth” or non-terrestrial. However even some undersea landscapes could be considered “alien”, so some flexibility will be allowed for submissions.

Submissions are subject to approval by your Host(s) and a level of “quality control” may be imposed as deemed necessary.

In all cases, the Alien World and/or Alien Landscape should be the predominant element and/or theme in the scene and not spaceships, aliens, creatures, robots or mutated humans.

Space-Scapes are allowed but must be clearly recognisable as such.

• Abstract and Fractal works are unlikely to be accepted, along with most close-ups of spaceships and/or aliens.

• Edited / Colourised photos of Earthly landscapes are almost certain to be rejected.

• Artwork may be created in any medium (including photo-manipulation) if the result truly fits within the group theme.

• Each submitted image should be something new. Please do not post multiple versions of the same work (e.g. in various colour tints).

• Group members who insist on continually submitting unsuitable works to the group (spamming), may be removed from the group without notice.

We welcome: Tutorials, Explanations, Thoughts and Ideas. Please post these in the Alien Worlds and Landscapes Group Forum.

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