Alien Races - With History/Background

Meet Alien races from beyond earth

Recent Work

  • Window to the Future by AlienVisitor
  • Assimilation by AlienVisitor
  • My Alien Acquaintaince by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Invasion of the Blubbles by Charldia
  • Marumoddra by Mark Facey
  • Yeyudo Bull by Mark Facey
  • Tommaman Gangler by Mark Facey
  • Magwan Flan by Mark Facey
  • Diabolically Eye-bolic by Charldia
  • Observatory by Dave Martsolf
  • The Red-lipped Space Hopper by Tom Godfrey
  • Haylee & the Pattern Jugglers by Normf

About This Group

In this group we will be introducing Alien Races to humankind for better understanding and peaceful co-existence when first contact is made.

Or which one’s should be avoided at all costs!!

Please read the rules – they are simple but must be strictly adhered to or your work (no matter how wonderful) will be regretfully rejected.

Collaborations are welcomed check Forums.

We will do a contest when we feel there is enough posts and members.

We will accept photos but only if theyare photomaniped aliens.

Also please add a comment at the end of the history,what medium was used ie:


Photo manip.




Also keep checking the Forums for any news such as challenges etc.

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