Album Art - The way it could've been...

New & Unique creations of musical albums cover artwork...

Recent Work

  • Little Hands On Violin by DreamCatcher/ Kyrah
  • FOREIGNER (DOUBLE VISION) by DreamCatcher/ Kyrah
  • [cover] diaenoxe - Sadomasochisme Satanique Heresies Diverses by philippe rivrain
  • blackout by gabryshak
  • Good Morning Beautiful by Kitsmumma
  • The Sketching Room (demo cover) by byronC
  • Night Train ( Book Cover ) by Cliff Vestergaard
  • "Heart of the Sunrise; Lost Dreamer" by James McCarthy
  • "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" by James McCarthy
  • astro chili by OTOFURU
  • the masquerade by gabryshak
  • P-Town Skanks Album by Ryan Yu

About This Group

Here’s the pitch…

The whole concept is to create a new & unique cover image for an album of your choice.
There is one proviso… none of the original album artwork (or text) is allowed to feature in any way on the newly created album artwork.
So, it’s time to light the fuse under your muse and get creative.
Peace peeps! :D

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