Albino's, Leucistic's & Rarities.......Oh My!

A diverse collection of feather and fur color aberrations happening in nature, not usually seen in nature.


  • Rare and Sacred White Spirit Raven (Photo) by Skye Ryan-Evans
  • Vision in White by Owed To Nature
  • "Canada's White Minority" Rare White Raven by NaturePrints
  • Spirit of the Bear I by Skye Ryan-Evans
  • Rare Kermode Bear (Spirit Bear) by NaturePrints
  • Albino Peacock by Bonnie T.  Barry
  • A Spirit Emerges by Owed To Nature
  • Look Mum, no hands! by Owed To Nature
  • Albino Wallaby by Nicola Barnard
  • Natural Beauty by VanishingMoment
  • My newfound friend by Bonnie T.  Barry
  • Sleep Tight Mighty Kahn ~ by Ginny York
  • Mister Blue Eyes Stops For A Nibble by Ginny York
  • White Elk by Ginny York
  • White Fallow Deer (Leucistic) by Ginny York
  • Spiritual White Bison by Larry Trupp
  • Blue-Brown Eyed Cat by Guatemwc
  • Tending The Nest by Ginny York