* Alberta - Wild Rose Country - 3/Day

Showcasing Western Canada's Gem. Alberta, where prairie meets mountains.


  • Jann Ashworth

    Feature No. 200 ! by Jann Ashworth

    *Wow! I’ve just received Feature No. 200 from Michelle, Vickie and Carolyn at Seasons Change! Thanks so much for giving me this milestone, I didn’t realize it at first until I was doing a bit of catc…

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  • George Cousins

    400th. Feature has a lot of memories! by George Cousins

    In November 0f 1956, my first son was only about 4 months old. Being a proud Father, I took a great many photos, about evenly divided between Kodachrome and Super XX B/W film. We had a dog, an Americ

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  • Jason D. Laderoute

    SS Titanic Superficial [Scene One Intro Narrative] by Jason D. Lader...

    *Superficiality is a cumbersome ship navigating in the ocean
    its cargo hull is heaped with things worthless and petty…

    it’s quarters are filled with whispers of lies brandishing endless told you so’s a

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  • Jann Ashworth

    My First Sale! by Jann Ashworth

    Very many thanks to my friend Vickie Emms for purchasing a card of “Old Homestead”. I know how much you love old places Vickie, and I hope you get lots of enjoyment from this. Thanks again!…Jann

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  • whisperjo

    a sale!!! by whisperjo

    He everyone, I just got notice I sold a matted print!! This is so exciting when someone shows appreciation for my work…. Its not the money, but I am just trilled every time someone leaves a comment …

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  • Jason D. Laderoute

    A True Canadian's Life Long Love Affair by Jason D. Lader...

    Next to a window inside, yet I freeze all the more as winter grips all that would rather not be held by it’s frigid embrace.
    What is this place some foreigners would exclaim, with a horrific realizati…

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