**********AFRICAN BEAUTY**********

Group Rules:

We want to provide you with a wonderful place for excellent African Art & Photography.
Note- We no longer accept ties in challenges.
*Note- Also, real popular images in challenges will be rejected. They take away from the other members chances.
*We accept – hand made art, drawings, pottery (african made), paintings, watercolor, etc.

We accept – Photography of african landscapes, african sunsets,
cityscapes, beaches, portraits of people, etc. Anything African

We want to be about the beauty of Africa.

  • We do not accept pictures with frame or word unless otherwise stated for the sake of a challenge

*We accept – written works, stories fiction or true.

You must put in the description of your photograph the town, beach, etc. the name of the place in Africa.
Your own works only

We reserve the right to refuse art and photography we feel isn’t of the quailty we are looking for in the group.

If you re-submit an item that was rejected twice, you will get one warning before being removed from the group.

Opened 9/13/10 Originator FlowersEtc, Co-host Gail Bridger 3080092