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Recent Work

  • Sometimes I feel like i'm dying at dawn..sometimes I'm as warm as fire...but lately I feel like I'm just gone away..over and over by jammingene
  • Palm and City by Bill Wetmore
  • Palms and Lighthouse by Bill Wetmore
  • Loch Maree by eleniphotos67
  • Cabin by Loch Maree. by eleniphotos67
  • Pier 2 by eleniphotos67
  • Pier by eleniphotos67
  • Stonehenge summer solstice 2003 by eleniphotos67
  • Fruits & vegs anyone? by eleniphotos67
  • Selling newspaper! by eleniphotos67
  • Soweto hairdresser by eleniphotos67
  • Living my life in a way that I choose....Everything that I say and do...In your eyes is always wrong...Tell me where do I belong in a sick society....Look at yourself instead o' looking at me by jammingene

About This Group

Welcome to FILM SHUTTERBUGS. This is a group for photographers who simply love film (as in ANALOG, not DIGITAL) photography.

ADD FILM/CAMERA INFO IN YOUR ARTIST NOTES for each photo you submit. Non-qualifying entries will not be accepted.

Please enter our challenges! Challenge entries must be in the group also!!!

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This group is for photographs taken on physical photographic film. Although they must enter the digital realm to be in RB, we want to ensure that the origin of entries in our group is film. Read the challenge rules carefully!

EVER NOTICE THE LITTLE RED NUMBER NEXT TO A GROUP NAME IN YOUR ACTIVITY FEED? That means there are new messages and forum entries in your group! Our forums are aspiring to be a place for community and a resource for film photography… please check them out and participate in the discussion!

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Submit your Best Film Photography

Submitted works must meet all RedBubble guidelines. Please no “happy snaps” … We’re looking for your best, artistic, well-composed works. The moderator may reject/remove works at their discression. If a work meets most requirements, but is missing descriptive details about film/camera, or other criteria pertaining to a particular challenge, the moderator will do their best to communicate the discrepancy so you can correct it.

About Film Photography

Shooting on film is amazing, inexpensive, and challenging! There’s an endless selection of 35mm and Medium format, Large format, instant, pinhole, lomo, and other types of film cameras available on eBay and elsewhere. A recent resurgence called Lomography, and the return of film for Polaroid cameras (the Impossible Film Project), as well as the retooling of the soon-to-open Ferrania film factory in Italy are just some of the incredible things going on in the world of Film.

Kodak is innovating again, supported by strong voices in the movie industry, and companies such as CineStill specialize in converting the beautiful modern cinema films for use in 35mm (and hopefully, soon, 120 format) cameras. (Help fund CineStill’s efforts to produce Medium Format film at their IndieGoGo campaign) Kodak’s bringing back Ektachrome film in 2017.

In other words, it’s an amazing world out there for those interested in getting into analog photography. This group isn’t just to display your film images, it’s a place for learning and community. Share your experiences, talk about your cameras! Do you use a lab, or are you interested in developing your own?

About the Group

If anyone interested in shooting film needs some advice, please reach out to the host(s); we’re happy to point you in the right direction! Hopefully enough community joins in here to keep a rich discussion going and build a useful resource. It’s fun and inexpensive to shoot film, and you’ll be amazed at how shooting film helps you become a better digital photographer (or you may just move to film altogether!).

Our challenges will be focused on different types of film and processes. Please share any ideas. If you’re invited to the group and agree to join, please reach out to other RB members you know would be interested and ask them to request an invite!

Featured photographers will have select image pages Tweeted as “Film Shutterbugs Featured Photographer…” on a Twitter feed dedicated to this group, in the form of a shared tweet from the image page here in RedBubble that links back to the featured work. See our Twitter feed @FilmShutterbugs

This group was previously “ShutterBugs.”

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