Accidental Images (hidden pictures)

NO MANIPULATION, NO BORDERS or FRAMES, NO TYPE! "Hey, that looks like a ... (something other than what it is)! " That's an Accidental Image!

The Accidental Valentine (Group Calendar Project!!) $20 RB Voucher

This challenge closed almost 7 years ago.

The Challenge

♥*This Challenge kicks off a new ambitious Group Project for Accidental Images… a Group Calendar! with a collection of our heart images!*

First step will be to collect all the group’s HEART images for the creation of a collage of hearts on each of 12 pages of the calendar and the cover.

Enter this Challenge with your best close-up image of a found Accidental Image heart… and if it wins it will be given an honored place on the Group’s ‘Accidental Valentine’ Calendar.

Judging / Voting Criteria

♥Vote for the ones you LOVE!

Rewards & Prizes

♥The winning heart image will be honored with a special place in the calendar and will be highlighted as the winner of this challenge.

♥Top Ten will be assured a place in the calendar. All other entries will be used in the calendar as space and design allow.

Additional Information

♥This is the Accidental Images (hidden pictures) Group. So, please *NO PICTURES OF ACTUAL HEARTS, OR SIGNS, ILLUSTRATIONS OR GRAFITI WITH HEARTS THAT WERE DRAWN OR PAINTED TO BE HEARTS! A heart shaped chocolate, cookie, cut out piece of red paper, etc… is not an Accidental Image!! If it was meant to look like a heart, then it’s not an accidental image! _(If you have a question about whether the heart you have found is an accidental image or not, please bmail me and I will assist!)

The images must conform with the rules of the group!!

Please put the image in the group if it is not there already.

Cover Image: Heart on stone by Susana Weber


The Top Ten

Pretty in Pink by Lindie Allen

Pretty in Pink by Lindie Allen was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 15 votes.

  • Natures love..... by Yool
  • Accidental Love by paintingsheep
  • The Heart of a Tree by ienemien
  • Ivy Heart by Billlee
  • Love Hurts by Kevin Bergen
  • Precious Metal by Susana Weber
  • Love is in the air by Constanza Barnier
  • City Lovin' by ShotsOfLove
  • "Downhearted" by Laurie Minor

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