Abstracts from Nature Photography

This is a group for Photographers whose work focuses on the abstract beauty of Mother Nature, for photographic work that concentrates on naturally occurring lines, patterns, shapes, colours, form, etc, natural abstracts at their absolute brilliant best.


  • Mangrove by Will Talley
  • Closed for the night by Sam McCabe
  • Effervescence by George Petrovsky
  • Eucalyptus #1 by Kitsmumma
  • Brolga II by Tamara  Kenneally
  • light world by Annemie Hiele
  • Cypress Inversion by Albert Dickson
  • Hidden Hand by Jefferson C Hunt
  • Reeds at Shapwick by SWEEPER
  • Lomandra lighthearted by Susie Walker
  • Wander by Gareth Bowell
  • Shy Flamingo by mlentz
  • Pebbles by Mike Butchart
  • Blue by Joakim
  • Lemon Drops by Bill Morgenstern
  • The Black Hole by deannedaffy
  • Ice square by Romeo Koitmäe