Abstract Shapes

Have fun making images!

Recent Work

  • 80s Bubblegum Pink Glitter Shapes  by melisssne
  • The Walls Have Eyes by SexyEyes69
  • Scottish tartan pattern deconstructed by Anna Lemos
  • Coronation of the Quadrant's New Emperor by barrowda
  • Dream web  by CrownOfBeauty
  • RACERS VIEW  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Shades of Pink by patternbyjensen
  • Friends Forever by hutofdesigns
  • Ditsy Floral - Terracotta by fossdesign
  • Shibori Rings #redbubble #shibori by designdn
  • Fantasy Abstract by SexyEyes69
  • Bio-Luminous Metamorphosis: by BillMTracer

About This Group

In this group you will have freedom to do whatever you like we will try to make room for all the images. This group is here for your enjoyment so we hope you enjoy it!

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