Abstract Realism

Art that sits between abstraction and realism

Recent Work

  • Moonrise over Coligny original painting by Sol Luckman
  • Dock reflections by Kirstyshots
  • Garlic petals by Bluesrose
  • Quiet Waters (2) by Ben Loveday
  • Walls by Bluesrose
  • Lay of the land ... by Underdott
  • Fungosity (pattern) by Yampimon
  • SAND HARBOR LAKE TAHOE by Elaine Bawden
  • Ripple Lines by brilightning
  • On The Boardwalk by brilightning
  • Silver Shore by Cora Wandel
  • Taking a Break in Caceres by JennyArmitage

About This Group

Art that uses real images as the starting point for abstract art. The image should still be somewhat recognisable, yet still be abstract.

Please be selective with the works you add and only submit your best pieces that conform to group rules. There is no limit to the number of works accepted.

Please read the rules before posting images. Adding multiple images which clearly break the group rules may result in removal from the group at the discretion of the moderators.

See the group rules and join this group here