Abstract Macro Urban Art (super close) 2 PER 24 HOURS

Group Rules:

LATEST UPDATE FOR NEW DIRECTION FOR GROUP CLICK HERE Much more detail and examples of what we would like for our group!!

- Upload what you consider YOUR best works
- Abstract/painterly/textural photos that YOU would put on your wall
- NO manipulation/excessive photoshopping ~ minimal post editing is ok
- Plain, unfocussed, lack of clarity or compositional elements will not be accepted
- A sentence about what it is a Must or it will be rejected
- Very abstract, difficult to identify and macro
- Only 2 posts per day allowed
- Close-ups will be approved only if it fits within
the theme of the group
- Must include man-made materials

If you are not sure whether your work fits the groups criteria you may want to check out the Newsletters, which show the type of work our membership submits to the group.

Abstract Macro Urban Art ~ August Newsletter 2010
Abstract Macro Urban Art ~ September Newsletter 2010