Abstract Macro Urban Art (super close) 2 PER 24 HOURS

Macro photographic textures & shapes found in Urban areas

Recent Work

  • "Gate 17" by Sabina D'Antonio
  • "True South" by Sabina D'Antonio
  • Addiction to Rust II by Kathie Nichols
  • Harvest Moon by Kathie Nichols
  • "Blue House" by Sabina D'Antonio
  • "Graffiti Garden" by Sabina D'Antonio
  • Concrete Playground by Sabina D'Antonio
  • Desert Illusions by Sabina D'Antonio
  • Satellite flyby over an island by Manon Boily
  • Connections B & W by Kathie Nichols
  • Five Portals Toward Negation by Mike Crocker
  • Untitled by Mike Crocker

About This Group

Beauty is everywhere…….in unexpected places… ..Grungy old ACCIDENTAL art * (not created art eg Graffiti or computer) ….found in the streets…the junkyard…around buildings. *IT SHOULD BE ABSTRACT SO IT IS DIFFICULT TO GUESS WHAT IT IS! Metal, paint, cement, broken glass etc with scratches, bumps, MUST HAVE man-made materials on their own or even with some fungus, rust or mould. Abstract/painterly/textural photos that would look fabulous hanging in your home or office. A macro photograph yet…..a work of art discovered by you and revealed for the world to see. You won’t find any old nuts and bolts here, plain old peeling paint and rust won’t do…….so a delightful combination of textures, arty, painterly, stylish grunge discovered and found by you (not created by you)Don’t forget to read the guidelines before joining

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