Absolute Clarity / 3/24 - photography only

Group Rules:

++++ GROUP RULES ++++

limit of 3 images per day. If a member submit more than 3 images per day, all the submissions will be removed for that day. If it happens too often, the member will be removed from the group



colors, b&w, tones, infrared, hdr, Orton effect.
Low key, high key


violence, weapons, dead animals,
gore, sexual or sensual, nudity, mature content
heavy digital manipulation, fractalius effect, mirror effect, color inversion
unfocussed images, not appealing
collage, composite image, layers
text, cards
no frames or borders
many images of the same serie
All kind of promotional items are not accepted

no tote, iPad or any other article. Photographic prints only

this is Group is for ALL AGES

Joining the group means you understand the host may use your image as a challenge avatar or group avatar. if you have a problem with that, just send me a bbmail and I will make sure it won’t happen to you. I respect your choice.

images don’t need to be in the group to enter a challenge. just make sure the group or challenge rules are respected.
if an image don’t follow group or challenge rules, it will be removed without any notice.

If a member don’t follow rules on a regular base, he will recieve few warnings and if it continue, he will be kicked out of the group without any notice.

A warm welcome in the group and I look forward to see your best images.

have fun